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The future of Earth Angel.......


First of all, nothing but love and appreciation to all who have come into alignment with this beautiful energy. There has been vast growth and personal development within each of us since the pandemic, where the collective experienced a major shift in consciousness, as it pertains to wellness. For those of you who are newer members, this platform was built in 2020 for those seeking a community based on love, kindness, awareness and healthy lifestyle choices. Initially, there was only virtual services available like Reiki, breathwork, guided meditations and more. Once in-person opportunities became available and there was a demand, the first office opened on Water street downtown Milwaukee WI. This was both a beautiful time for business and a challenging time spiritually. We had to learn to trust the human connection all over again. We had to prioritize mental health and some of us had to even accept the fact that mental health is a major component of overall health. Earth Angel even got on Groupon and offered novelties such as tarot readings just to build up the business with transactions. Once everything balanced itself out and the lease for Water street came to a close, there became the opportunity to move into a bigger space. After consulting with financial advisors and other counselors, Earth Angel submitted the application and business plan to move to the studio space located at Sherman Phoenix.

NOW, BEFORE I MOVE ON please know that in business, you can take classes, make plans, ask experts and watch all the videos you wish....but you will still experience unexpected changes, encounter difficulties you never saw coming, and you will need to make lots of adjustments. People will judge you, choose not to support you and some may even find the energy to attempt to sabotage your efforts. As long as you make sure you remember your WHY and HOW and you make sure the person sabotaging is never YOU, then there will always be a place for what you have to bring to the table. With that out of the way, the move into the 1100 sq ft studio space was beyond words. I first came into that space while on my journey to self love and awareness as a new person in the city and it was the first time I practiced yoga outside of the disabled veterans and the first time with my fellow people of color. It was exhilarating and inspiring. The idea that I could come into that space and offer yoga, meditation and breathwork was once foreign but I wrote it in my plans and I was faithful to that plan. I created a space, outside of religious communities where people from all walks of life could come together in the name of universal laws such as love, peace and abundance. We celebrated ourselves as a whole and discussed things we did not feel safe discussing within our respective social circles and we became family. The power of circle keeping was every week, yoga every week and just holding space to clear our minds of the outside noise EVERY WEEK.

What a blessing for all who experienced being vulnerable with one another. The wellness industry is fast-growing and there are countless opportunities to grow. The challenge is when you are offering these services, which are sadly considered a luxury, to communities where they are most needed, but in most cases, are not accessible or affordable. As the owner, I decided to hand off the daily sessions to trusted practitioners and go out into spaces where I might find support in the form of partnerships, collaboration and even funding. While I found some success, the business overhead was far beyond what was now coming in, and even though many people loved coming up regularly for various sessions consistently, the community was not able to support financially, even when they monthly Membership fees were discounted all the way down to $20 a month. Earth Angel applied for grants and received some relief, but by this time the studio was overtaking personal funds and was not producing the cash flow necessary in order to receive business loans. After several business consulting sessions from many reputable firms, the studio is closing its doors at the end of July, 2023. There are still opportunities available to rent the space and Earth Angel LLC is very much alive and now thriving, without the weight of the responsibility of the lease.

This was not an easy decision to make as the owner, and I went through the stages of grief before sharing this news. If you are as connected to SOURCE then you know that this is one step on a very long and beautiful journey, made especially for all who have come into alignment. There is no failure, only a pivot and that pivot is EARTH ANGEL CLOUD STUDIO. I have begun the process of transferring all services to virtual for existing and new members. Earth Angel will do pop up yoga sessions in locations TBA. Circle Keeping is available for you as well in various spaces TBA. If you are interested in collaboration, the email is I look forward to hearing from you! Also, for anyone who is interested in wellness services but are apart of communities who find that as a challenge, I am developing a non-profit to support you!

Gratitude and blessings to everyone who showed up for themselves, who used the space, who helped put things together and take things apart. I want to express gratitude to my fellow Sherman Phoenix tenants who offer encouragement, entertainment and prayer on the days when it was needed and appreciated. This doesn't mean goodbye and I will see most of you in various locations and online!


Earth Angel xoxo

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